Otto Karvonen in De Appel, Amsterdam, NL

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Otto Karvonen in De Appel, Amsterdam, NL

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7 Dec — 1 Mar 2009
"The Future Will Last Longer Than The Past" - "Het Vreemdelingenpaleis" : an interruption by Otto Karvonen
de Appel arts centre

Opening: Saturday 6 December 2008, 6 pm in the foyer of de Appel

From December 2008 to Autumn 2009, de Appel is presenting a continuous series of projects under the title “The Future Will Last Longer Than The Past”. The dynamic connection and constant to-and-fro between the past and the present which de Appel has highlighted in the last two years, for example by paying renewed attention to performance practices and contemporary feminism, will be very much in the foreground in the months ahead. The Finnish artist Otto Karvonen will give the starting signal for a period in which performances, informances, situations, events, lectures and publications – what we call “de Appel on the side” – will form the bulk of our programme.

As the kick off event for “The Future Will Last Longer Than The Past”, de Appel has invited Otto Karvonen (1975, Helsinki) to realize a special temporary project that relates to the building in Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. Karvonen has gained a reputation for performative actions and temporary sculptural installations in public space.

His methods and actions are modest and non-spectacular. For de Appel, Karvonen is planning an ‘interruption’ in which the present home base, a former bank in Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, will undergo a temporary change of appearance.

Please note: "Het Vreemdelingenpaleis" is no exhibition.
For this 'interruption' by Otto Karvonen there is no entrance fee.

For more information please contact Hiske Zomer via or have a look at:

With thanks to: The Embassy of Finland, FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.

de Appel arts centre


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